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A Diary Of The Geisha-Borg Agent

" A Diary Of The Geisha-Borg Agent " is 2 funny science fiction stories I wrote for 2 last issues of  legendary techno magazine "Zavtone"  during 1999 .

Zavtone was " Magazine for new digital age” that exist during 90’s . Their main office was located in Tokyo / Harajuku , also a branch office in San Francisco . For each issue , Many talents from Japan and the United States and many other countries gathered and dedicated their skill to create brilliantly colorful , psychedelic pages that featuring amazing digital arts , rare interviews , personal features, short fiction, urban fashion statements , studies and analysis on many different fields . As a whole , Zavtone was insanely pushing the boundaries of truly cutting edge under ground culture  .

All contents were in English and Japanese both and the subjects in the magazine were dazzlingly spread to the wide range__ from nano technology to the secret of flower of life , Love parade to Burning man , rave & techno culture in the world , inner & outer traveling experiences , analysis of psycho active drugs by the point of view of the cultural anthropology ,etc etc .. Contents were so rich yet filled with spirits of fun !!!

Sadly magazine was closed in 2000 but I’m still appreciate for being a part of this amazing fractal .

Chapter 1 ~ Geisha Borg Diary ( Zavtone magazine 1999 sep " Into The 2000 issue " )

I have two tiny spaceships and one spacy vespa in my garage.....

you know how it is - Tokyo is such a busy town and sometimes I need to just float out from the chaotic gravity whirlpool and the low frequency infostream of this charming place.

I,m also an agent of the Geisha-Borg. My job is to take her to other galaxies every now and then. I volunteered to do this job . I don,t think I have to explain the exact circumstances , but it is a part of the process of my karma yoga development.

My Borg,s healing abilities are extremely unique which makes our asteroid booking schedule full till the next nanosecond. Actually Buddha and Charles Bukowski are some of our regular customers.

Buddha is a little bit tired because of the high frequency idolizing state on earth , so he needs a partner to play Karma Chess for relaxation. Our service is not a direct sexual approach , it is ultimately sexual , not womanly, not manly , but transgender deep care , with a spoonful of humor.
By the way , yesterday I picked up a galaxy hitchhiker on my way back to Tera. Spirits in galactic-transit easily get lost sometime . Be careful when you,re going to rebirth r shift to the next dimension!! Especially when surplus karma is in the galactic traveler bagpack, it can create a problem when I pick you up with my spaceship as my direction meter must be spinning freely around.

trrrr.... oh , my pulse-phone is ringing. I have the latest model . So useful with space communication( of course) plus extra deep-range phone system between different astral levels . Sometime, lost organic-biotants catch my chat and follow me and stick to my spaceship,s magnetic field. Those organic-biotants eat humanoid magnetic wave energy . Especially mine is a strange taste , I guess ... yummy , I mean.....

Hello? Hi Osho!! Now I'm flying just near the Pluto . Yes , 12years left to the next step. Many people are downloading to the next evolution with material software and astral freeware tools , Messages and hints for awakening is amplified and extended into the mental consciousness .  Some of music tools have password protected shell . I went to a rave party in the Doshi-village near Mt.fuji recently , and danced all night, convinced that... " wow , this is direct downloading from the ground , downloading Terra,s memories of the age when human beings had danced to cerebrated their strong connection with the whole creation . In Japan , before Buddhism arrived... Earth still remenber the harmony of peaceful coexistence , and companionship with mankind and she is still sending those memories to us. Beats of music that remind me of heartbeat sound is the password for access to the galactic tools and files . And yet some physical bodies and minds are hard to feel and react to it.

Well , time to wake up the Geisha-Borg . The solar battery charge meter looks OK.

Her name is IDEA . Her data base about ancient Greek philosophy system is perfect. Who needs it ? Don,t ask me. plato and Pythagoras are concerned with sending information project from sirius after the completion of their physical phase ( so they doesn't have that costume and form anymore , of course ) and they need an assistant in the orbiting relay station around here . So now they are themselves an ideal ,or should I say "idea" ...as their origins in a higher astral level, and are very busy I think....

Pweeeeeeen....... ( sound of restart switch on ). Good morning IDEA! We are almost at our destination. What? Oh , year.... your LCD flatscreen face's color contrast is too high .Maybe disconnected the quantum battery....and then turn back again...click...

Here , now you are perfect!

The Borg's whole face is LCD screen and they can display trans-language , space-maps , figures, cosmos-data , pictures , anything....

Borgs have "feelings"installed too( because some physical types somehow can,t trust them without that ) and they express their feelings with visual geometrical patterns on the flat-panel LCD screen-face.

Very similar to the works of C.W.Leadbeater, the 19th century anthropologist who miraculously perceived people's vibration and feelings via his humanoid sensor, and draw the picture of them. But Geisha-Borg can show us these patterns way more clearly.Also , internal moods of the Borg are amazing to watch. when the Borg is in negative state of mind, the screen displays dark colic-geometric patterns.

The geisha=Borg says that originally cosmos system and all chaotic logic systems can be expressed in numbers and signs, and in the 2-D mode,it looks like a colorful Mandala or tile mosaic from an arabian mosque. In the Borg's digital eyes , the energy form of some physical type humanoids who have a well balanced frame of mind , is similar to those patterns . How about me...? Maybe my pattern is like an inverted christmas tree . Leaving the dopamine box open always.

Anyway, before the final landing approach to the Pluto satellite station , we have to enter a particle structure regulation mode. Siriusian is not physical body type , so sometime we shift to the middle state between physical , and higher astral state for the moment of contact.

By the way , other space beings, not Siriusian, sometimes try psychic sexual contact with humanoid minds using their half-astral body.In that case , their invasion happens when that target humanoid staying under the low frequency range as "sleeping". Sometime they catch request signal from the human side.

Long time ago, the japanese people called that " muma", and I remember W.S.Burroughs called them the " sacupass "(womanlooks) and " incupass "(manlooks) and mentioned to watch out their mental invasion .But now he is an agent of incupass , I think....!?

Just a few days ago I passed his private spaceship , " Bunker2",just outside of the stratosphere. I saw him in silver metallic bellbottom pants with two incupass with tiny bikini underwear sitting on the cockpit seat. Is that research for future writings in his next life? He is super curious indeed....

Now...the goggles set is ready.( actually they are not necessary to this shift mode, but you know,this make me feel "ooookkkkk!!!!")

Shift mode confirm , clear, switch ON,"kweeeeeeen...!"

Huh ? something wrong.The Borg displays unbalanced geometric patterns on her LCD face....ah, I set the sift mode to the second dimension! Sorry!

MODE CANCEL , shift reset,and then ENTER again .Yes,yes....hmmmm. Feel so nice every time when I use this shift-mode, I reach t such a high level of ecstasy somehow. Mostly limited to the artman condition.

As my physical body decomposes, all attachment fades away and I'm in the  sea of eternal peace.And then, real contact with higher intelligence kicks in.

Well....this mission is accomplished.I,m going home.Listening to the "Terra conscious-net-web-radio".

My favorite channel is wheels chat, and maybe I can practice my homi-singing with them , or maybe I'll stop on my way at Avalon for a wave-shower , the same one that successive cosmic warriors of the land used to take like king Arthur. I didn't have much time to go to Onsen( Japanese hot springs ) recently so. Then maybe I'll draw a crop circle for a fun … If you find a crop circle of " HELLO KITTY ", it's from me.

Message is " Hello shanti!! And see you again!! "

Chapter 2 ~ Borg goes to Burning Man 1999 Festival ( Zavtone magazine 1999 Dec " Human issue " )

Lately I have been exercising " power spot hopping"around the planet and the galaxy at speed of light.1999 was an ultra hit-year as my energy meter went up to maximum level numerous times, in all sort of places.This is the special report from Burning man 1999. For more realistic reappearance, I will present this as a live report using my time-transporter.

Shift mode is set to the year 1999, September 4th, Black Rock desert, Nevada, U.S.A.


A huge snail-shaped car passes by me slowly. A 2 meter high cyborg wearing a steel-body suit with a bunch of coils and bolts says "Hello" in Thai. To him, it doesn't matter where I came from---- Tokyo or Bangkok. Throw everything positive into the chaos-soup and drink it up.....that's the one and only way to taste this festival in the middle of a desert, a festival that keeps going  on for a whole week.

I stop by in front of a pyramid shaped dance tent and look in from the gate.No sound.Only one skinhead sitting and meditating on the ground in front of the DJ booth, face to face with buddha festooned with leis.

I start to walk again to the center of this " circle city" that's made by thousands of tents and peoples artworks. The inner circle zone is an "empty" desert land . Only few of domes of dance tents and man's created objects.I look down at my feet.This land is so white and endless----- extending with innumerable cracks crossing just like humanity's eternal karma.The sky over my crimson-red janome parasol is super blue....and I am spinning myself around slowly just to taste the dizziness that's caused by the sky and ground's strong color contrasts.This timeless feeling itself is what I need...After a small sand storm, I take off my googles and cancel my digital eye's infrared-ray interception mode...I need to be more dizzy....

When I stop by route 66 lounge bar for freaks in the desert the" spaceship pudding "crew who came to this desert for a secret mission are there as well.

First, let me introduce captain Nick Taylor. Doing his duties on earth as 007 funky techno DJ, and an organizer of EDGECORE RELEASE.His dandyism is a totally unique cocktail mixed with space age philosophy and spankin' manga cartoon humor . Sub-captain Amanda is a DJ and the organizer of MYCELIUM- such a cool woman . And then, super groove pilot, Tsuyoshi. His amazing "brain voltage navigation skill" is a natural gift. Sometimes  he handles huge capacity space ships with his remarkable acrobatic DJ driving techniques.

And astral chat specialist A.B.--- he amplifies the sound frequency of his space didgeridoo and contacts with many other space biotants. He is also an activist of the Edgecore crew with captain Nick.

Last, is the 5th menber , is an intergalactic space freak BamBam. He is the last one of the super rare spacebiotants" The kenty tribe" . And as the last of the kenty's  he glows with futuristic decadent glitter costumes and flashing strokes of sarcastic whip. Favorite words are " feel the shame" and his pretty hairy nipple is functioning as a special detector of free beer, even middle of the desert. The combination of Bam Bam and Tsuyoshi is the ultimate buzzy-dizzy intergalactic circus.

These "Pudding crew"'s secret mission is " make people's consciousness wobbling" in the power ascension spots , I mean parties all over the planet. They make an instant appearance and then disappear into another dimension. Techno wobbling pudding. How spanky that is.....

As dusk falls over this momentary kingdom, people's stimulation becomes more in  reach for higher frequencies and the air is filled with unusual presentiments of silence .I can sense it just like a invisible high-tide. tonight is the final burn...final take-off to the total surrender and a 20.000 people's community dance. Massive laser beams hitting the star dotted sky from the two opposite sides of the camp. forming a huge shining green pyramid over 20.000 heads.

For one hour --- until the man will be burned -- people keep drumming and singing primitive chants in nowhere language. A drunk person screaming "burn them out now!!" .Naked dancers with beautiful body paint keep dancing and blowing fire from their mouth.The energy gets higher and higher and people get more and more excited until all energy becomes one and starts to ascend like in a spiral.

This feeling" all the power in here wobbling"and the expansion of frequency reception is like one big creature made out of 20.000 smaller cells.

This feeling is not only related to the fact that I ate a bag full of mushrooms.I KNOW I AM AWARE, surely, something's happening NOW . And that strong indication and energy erodes my whole existence from every single pore of my plasmalian skin and vaporizes me into simple joy--- the pure pleasure of being here.

Ignition!He is burning! -- with fire works blowing from his body. people are screaming,rushing,zooming into the inner circle. BBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I turn back and see a huge plasma ball flashing purple electric lightning on the top of a pole.my plasmalian body's special sensitive parts react to that. oh no! ----- many neon colored fishes on bicycles running around, a giant golden dragon, big silver cube robots are passing by as silhouettes, and some people who accepted bravely the impossibility to record this reality are throwing their digital cameras and videos into the fire. Someone's white flag is fluttering in the sparkling full orange sky and declares the ecstatic surrender of their familiar ways of thinking.

Yes, things always happen at the right time and in the right place.I mean, wherever you are, that place is where you should be in that moment. And apparently, our life seems like a random connection of the incoherent events like a dodgy stone necklace, but-- its not! My whole life was a perfect scenario to bring me here. I am convinced about that. And for sure, I,m not the only one who wants to scream,no, who IS screaming for happiness to realize that fact .

" Spankin'! pudding!!" our sir-duke BamBam shouts holding a beer can that he just got for free from somewhere around the camp. Tsuyoshi returns back from the two turntables, then grinning shouts back " spankin'!!!!!"

After the burn, the community dance starts.The stage is next to the Blue Room dome..packed with people in front of the main stage who keep dancing. Naked couples, neon colored ravers, a middle aged cowboy with camera and absentminded face looks like he's got a severe case of information overloaded...... instant ZEN shock treatment ! Innocent mad-maxers,  techno-sufi's.... they are the all ingredients of this mixtech soup.then , this " somewhere-- not west, not east "--- becomes a huge spaceship and gets on to a groovy flight with the DJ pilot.I change my digital eye's mode to "energy perceive panel " and WATCH this place's vibration as geometrical patterns. And guess what, the pattern's shape resembles closely the massive wobbling pudding.....it's also erotic somehow.

wow, super pudding pilot indeed......

The next night, I go for walk alone in the middle of the circle. Many people already left this land and only I can see the burning fire so far away where the piece of the burning man is still there. Community dance's main stage is dismembered now and no lights are on at the Blue Room dome anymore.So I can't dance in the middle of this emptiness anymore? At that moment in time, suddenly 3 fiberglass skeleton-domes are lit up and a big kick drum and fat-bass sound gushes out from the DJ booth,Wow,  a sound system ride on! Then from every direction out of the darkness, groove hungry pilgrims come around and start dancing again.

I see, I,m on the moon, here is the moon, and that bright crescent one is maybe jupiter or something.I start laughing and step in.

Now, the world in my digital eyes is a harmonious geometrical pattern and the shining desert wind is singing in my dolby ears. and I,m dedicating this dance to the wind and the sky and the earth. The beat climbs up from my tiptoes and goes through my backbone. then back to the sky through my raising hands. At this moment,I become an electric earth between sky and ground.I become the fire pillar of prana connecting origin of cosmic consciousness and am appreciate my very-much-be-here-now physical state. Cerebration and  Dancing becomes the active meditation and then that purest joy has come again. Good-bye Kerouac. Apollo just saw a desert and we are starting to realize by dancing on this big blue candy where human beings gazed through the Trinitron screen on that day, holding their breath---- we can go much higher and far than science's little victor while still stay on the ground … Using our deep insights and wisdom.

When I jumped back to Tokyo on my spacey vespa, one voice message was left on my holographic mail service.It was from captain Nick and other pudding crew members.

On the coffee table, the captain's tiny photograph is standing and speaking " our space rodeo is still spankin'. our next mission is..." then suddenly intergalactic space dandy or space sir-duke whatever,  BamBam appears and pushes the captain away and shouts " free beer!"  with a flashing stick then 2 of them say " see you in Byron Bay at the countdown!!"then they are gone......

I close my eyes and a flashbacks of the desert's whiteness and wind hits me, and that feeling comes back again to me....

Well, mission accomplished. What was the mission? The whole EXPERIENCE throughout the 7days was my mission. Now my core--- the database of my soul had upgraded --- one version up.

Change the B(-rain)P(-icnic)M(-ind frequency) to fit you and keep spankin'!!!!

see you!

-------- to be continued.

Lotus Eater

" Lotus Eater " is a collection of my diary that I had been writing on the Japanese social networking site MIXI between december 2004 to June 2005 . This site was invitation only back then and every member can have their own page that shows their photo, bio, dairy, etc etc.. kinda information portal huge weblog kingdom . At the point of 2005 summer , it had over 1million members and became pretty phenomenon in Japan . I joined here on 2004 december and just loved to write diary .. About my bizaaarr life as DJ, Artist , Psychedelic traveller & raver , my cosmic gypsy like life style, my music , my joy and survival and struggle, Unforgettable moments of cerebration of life . After my diary gained many visitors and feedbacks from readers , Japan's one of the most cutting age , respected publisher BUNYU-SHA offered me to publish it as a book . I knew and respected this publisher very well as they had been publishing many amazing essay & diary books of my favorite writers such as Charles Bukowski , Boris Vian , Izumi Suzuki ( and later Andy Warhol's Diary , Biography book of Walter Spies , Man Ray etc .. ) , so I was thrilled when I received offer .
( This book is in Japanese only )

Published in 2005 August by BUNYU-SHA( http://www.bunyu-sha.jp).