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Planet Dance

A fractal is forming, a new culture emerging. It’s not eastern or western, but a merging mutation of the two. A fluid fusion of autonomous energies communicating, co-operating, co-creating; finding new solutions to the challenges of life.  

Utilizing today’s technology, it’s breaking free of the box we’ve built ourselves, bypassing borders and traditional frameworks at the speed of light, changing the shape of the world we live in. 

We are a small part of this growing fractal. We are a freeform network of friends coming together to communicate through each of our chosen roles. Our purpose is to bring the integration we have experienced through music and dance into our every day lives and to share this with others.  

Everyone involved is self-determined; there is no hierarchy of authority or control. Everyone takes their own place, designs their own role and is responsible for their own actions. The shape of the network varies in response to the situation at hand. 

The integrity of purpose creates a synergy of the energies involved, through which transformation takes place. 

Through mutual support and conscious communication we can empower each other to do what we love, love what we do, follow our hearts, together creating a free and harmonious existence. The future is ours. The future was now.  

Words by David & Chiemi Dobson ( HIKARI ) 1999   http://www.hikari.com     

"  I dedicate this section to all my friends and beautiful people who I have met and shared moments with during my traveling days . Some of them have already finished thier chapter in this life time , and I believe we will meet again to continue our adventure and studies on this amazing school called planet earth . Psychedelic isn't fashion but a state of mind .. The mind that tirelessly seeks exciting opportunities to leap over the small cozy boxes that were designed to trap us all . There are no answer , only experiences that we call life . "

Love and Bass , Supercozi  2012

All photos are taken by Supercozi & friends - All Rights Reserved