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12 Apr 16

New EP ' Sun Drenched ' now out from Kudalini Records UK

My new Psy-Glitch / Tech-House single ' Sun Drenched ' is out today from London based Kundaklini Records !! SOO happy !!!!!

Big thanks for Steven for support, Kamau for vocal and Shogo for amazing paint for cover !!!!!!

Beatport : https://pro.beatport.com/release/sun-drenched/1740270

Kundalini UK Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/KundaliniRecords/

Supercozi - Sun Drenched EP

Filled with sun tripped out bass and psy-glitch tribal grooves, EP ' Sun Drenched ' is truly an achievement for Japanese producer / DJ Supercozi (a.k.a Cozi Till ), also one half of Zen Lemonade, psychedelic & progressive, tech-trance duo with Gus Till.

Kundalini and Cozi had a long musical affair spanning over 14 years. When Zen Lemonade's now Goa-trance classic debut album ' Lemon Soul 'came out from legendary Dragonfly Records in Spring 2002, Kundalini was the first party organizer to give them an opportunity to deliver a live set for their album launch at the ‘Kundalini New Form Music Event’, and has remained a loyal supporter ever since, even after Zen Lemonade moved their base to the ' Island of Gods ' Bali from the UK.

Cozi has continually invested her passion and love for free style electronic music into her solo work. She released 3 solo albums between 2005/2015,blending techno, psydub, psyglitch, ambient, dubtronica, eclectic down beats and glitch-pop into her musical exploration, and release by release, she has successfully built up a loyal fan base around the world.

Cozi returned to play at a Kundalini party in October 2005 after the release of her first solo album, and delivered an impressive live set just before Dr. Alex Patterson ( The Orb ) took to the Sun Drenched Tribal Groove stage. For Cozi, who for many years had been a fan of The Orb, this experience was inspiration for the beginnings of ' Sun Drenched ' and immediately after she came back to her studio, surrounded by the jungles of Bali, began work.

Like a good wine the project was left to mature and develop for 10 years, with Cozi occasionally giving it some experimental renovation. And finally production was completed during her intensive 5 weeks studio work creating a show for ‘All Is One Wave’ Radio www.aiowave.com -a hot new internet Radio station for underground music globally, supported by the Kundalini crew in London.

Cozi composed / produced 4 brand new tunes for her show. And all of them are now featured in this EP. Beside the powerful title track ' Sun Drenched ', her kind of tribal grooves push the psychedelic horizon with psy-glitch funk ' Freak Jam Toast ', heavy weight psy-glitch ' Sky Me Away (Supecozi Psy-Glitch Remix )' , and floor stirrer ' Barefoot High ', plus 4/4 kick tech-house version of ' Sky Me Away ( Original )', giving a total of 5 tunes in a gorgeous package to deliver an early welcome Spring groove.

All songs written & produced & mixed by Supercozi @ Super cocoon / Bali 2015 Wizard Publishers Japan A big thanks to Shogo Iwakiri 'Mandara de sol ' painting which was used for the EP art work.