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10 Apr 16

My new Techno project ' Shifter '

I'm extremely happy to announce .. My old pal DJ Pena and I will launch a new Techno label / Regular party ' Shifter ' with Raff Track - An awesome young French Techno producer / DJ. This is our manifest ..

We shift between countries to expand our playground 
We shift the gears of our inner drive 
We shift chapter to the next stage

We shift through music 
We shift together WE ARE THE SHIFTERS ....

This is our Facebook page. Please follow & support us ! https://www.facebook.com/shifterrecordings


SHIFTER is a collective force of creative individuals, both Techno Label and Event Organising, created to deliver a new type of party experience with a fresh aspect on music & art

The driving force behind SHIFTER is 2 individuals: '

Pena' Garcia- Portuguese DJ & Label boss of Techno/ Tech-House label Flow Records ' since 2000

Supercozi - Japanese Music-Producer, DJ & Label Head of 'Hypo=Espresso Records' since 2005

Both have been traveling the world intensely for 2 plus decades, from festivals to parties as DJs or Promoters, or simply throwing themselves into the blissful momentum of countless dance floors.

And now 2 old friends reunite on the ‘Island of the Gods’ with a dream of inter-acting with the amazing people they’ve met around the world - Producers, DJs, Artists, Designers, Performers, Music lovers & Dancers, people with fire in their spirits.

We also had welcomed Raff Track - A young French Techno producer / DJ as our resident DJ to tearing up the dance floor in style with us.

So here we are ….
Some people consider Bali as ‘Off the beaten track’, a tiny bubble somehow detached from the real world and the real action…

But we truly believe in the magic of this island we love ...

And we welcome similar dreamers to share the journey with us to share the moments on the dance floor
to share the transformation
to share the way of life 

Let's SHIFT together