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30 Nov 15

Sun Drenched Groove show on Warp Stage Radio UK !!!

London based veteran party organizer Kundalini crew had been masterminded lords of awesome parties for decades ( which I played live set twice in the past ) and hosting a wicked Internet Radio station ' Warp Stage Radio ' for years, streaming quality sets ranged from Psy & Prog Trance, Techno, Alternative dance & chill. When they asked me to host a show featuring only my original tunes, I felt so honor .. and really motivated me to produce few brand new tunes for the show. So I worked for 5 weeks intensely in studio between Oct & Nov 2015 and finished 4 tunes. Here go you can listen to a whole ' Sun Drenched Groove ' show hosted by Kudalini Boss Steven Singh including my part which starts from 1:01:01 for 42:22 minutes long ... also an interview of Gus and I by Vic Kundalini after my set as well. This pic is me showing victory sign in the studio after all work is done.




SUPERCOZI + Steve Kundalini - (28th Nov) Sun Drenched Tribal Groove - WARPStage Radio by Steve Kundalini on Mixcloud