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I will play at 4 cities in December. My first Japan tour in 2 years. Very look forward too.

Schedule is bellow .. Pop in if you are near !

9th Dec : Minatoya Day Party @ Yokobori Beach - Miura - Kanagawa

15th Dec : Pachanga @ Kyoto

17th Dec : Shanties @ Nagoya

29th Dec : Matsuri Digital end of the year party at Unit / Unice / Saloon @ Daikanyama -Tokyo



Wow .. What an amazing 3 days ! ' Space Mountain Cosmic Art Lab ' in Granada / Spain was truly a magic !

It was sort of a private festival at my old friend Youth's studio property. Beside of lots great DJ & live sets by legends & pioneers, there were jam sessions by producers such as Youth, Alex Patterson, Simon Posford, Gaudi etc day and night in a recording studio as well. And you can enjoy it from wide open glass doors which make you feel as if you are parts of it ....

Reunited with many old friends and got many inspiration .... Thank you so much for having me !

You can listen to my set there at : https://www.mixcloud.com/Supercozi/supercozi-space-mountain-festival-2017/


Digital Forest Festival first edition in Czech Republic was fantastic ... Great crowd, Friendly vibe all the way ! I played 3 sets in 3 days. Zen Lemonade Psy & Progressive Trance live PA as an opening act at the main stage. Even it was an opening set, floor was filled with great dancers with full smiles which made me feel so honor !! I also hugely enjoyed Psychill set at Chill Out Stage and Techno Stage at the main stage as well. It was a perfect showcase to connect with crowd in 3 different style journey ... This festival will be grow in very nice way in the future .. I can feel it .. Thank you so much for having me !!

You can watch Zen Lemonade set live video here : https://youtu.be/3x-zTdDh4Rw


My new Psy-Glitch / Tech-House single ' Sun Drenched ' is out today from London based Kundaklini Records !! SOO happy !!!!!

Big thanks for Steven for support, Kamau for vocal and Shogo for amazing paint for cover !!!!!!

Beatport : https://pro.beatport.com/release/sun-drenched/1740270

Kundalini UK Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/KundaliniRecords/

Supercozi - Sun Drenched EP

Filled with sun tripped out bass and psy-glitch tribal grooves, EP ' Sun Drenched ' is truly an achievement for Japanese producer / DJ Supercozi (a.k.a Cozi Till ), also one half of Zen Lemonade, psychedelic & progressive, tech-trance duo with Gus Till.

Kundalini and Cozi had a long musical affair spanning over 14 years. When Zen Lemonade's now Goa-trance classic debut album ' Lemon Soul 'came out from legendary Dragonfly Records in Spring 2002, Kundalini was the first party organizer to give them an opportunity to deliver a live set for their album launch at the ‘Kundalini New Form Music Event’, and has remained a loyal supporter ever since, even after Zen Lemonade moved their base to the ' Island of Gods ' Bali from the UK.

Cozi has continually invested her passion and love for free style electronic music into her solo work. She released 3 solo albums between 2005/2015,blending techno, psydub, psyglitch, ambient, dubtronica, eclectic down beats and glitch-pop into her musical exploration, and release by release, she has successfully built up a loyal fan base around the world.

Cozi returned to play at a Kundalini party in October 2005 after the release of her first solo album, and delivered an impressive live set just before Dr. Alex Patterson ( The Orb ) took to the Sun Drenched Tribal Groove stage. For Cozi, who for many years had been a fan of The Orb, this experience was inspiration for the beginnings of ' Sun Drenched ' and immediately after she came back to her studio, surrounded by the jungles of Bali, began work.

Like a good wine the project was left to mature and develop for 10 years, with Cozi occasionally giving it some experimental renovation. And finally production was completed during her intensive 5 weeks studio work creating a show for ‘All Is One Wave’ Radio www.aiowave.com -a hot new internet Radio station for underground music globally, supported by the Kundalini crew in London.

Cozi composed / produced 4 brand new tunes for her show. And all of them are now featured in this EP. Beside the powerful title track ' Sun Drenched ', her kind of tribal grooves push the psychedelic horizon with psy-glitch funk ' Freak Jam Toast ', heavy weight psy-glitch ' Sky Me Away (Supecozi Psy-Glitch Remix )' , and floor stirrer ' Barefoot High ', plus 4/4 kick tech-house version of ' Sky Me Away ( Original )', giving a total of 5 tunes in a gorgeous package to deliver an early welcome Spring groove.

All songs written & produced & mixed by Supercozi @ Super cocoon / Bali 2015 Wizard Publishers Japan A big thanks to Shogo Iwakiri 'Mandara de sol ' painting which was used for the EP art work.


I'm extremely happy to announce .. My old pal DJ Pena and I will launch a new Techno label / Regular party ' Shifter ' with Raff Track - An awesome young French Techno producer / DJ. This is our manifest ..

We shift between countries to expand our playground 
We shift the gears of our inner drive 
We shift chapter to the next stage

We shift through music 
We shift together WE ARE THE SHIFTERS ....

This is our Facebook page. Please follow & support us ! https://www.facebook.com/shifterrecordings


SHIFTER is a collective force of creative individuals, both Techno Label and Event Organising, created to deliver a new type of party experience with a fresh aspect on music & art

The driving force behind SHIFTER is 2 individuals: '

Pena' Garcia- Portuguese DJ & Label boss of Techno/ Tech-House label Flow Records ' since 2000

Supercozi - Japanese Music-Producer, DJ & Label Head of 'Hypo=Espresso Records' since 2005

Both have been traveling the world intensely for 2 plus decades, from festivals to parties as DJs or Promoters, or simply throwing themselves into the blissful momentum of countless dance floors.

And now 2 old friends reunite on the ‘Island of the Gods’ with a dream of inter-acting with the amazing people they’ve met around the world - Producers, DJs, Artists, Designers, Performers, Music lovers & Dancers, people with fire in their spirits.

We also had welcomed Raff Track - A young French Techno producer / DJ as our resident DJ to tearing up the dance floor in style with us.

So here we are ….
Some people consider Bali as ‘Off the beaten track’, a tiny bubble somehow detached from the real world and the real action…

But we truly believe in the magic of this island we love ...

And we welcome similar dreamers to share the journey with us to share the moments on the dance floor
to share the transformation
to share the way of life 

Let's SHIFT together


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