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Title  :  Bioshifter

Electronica, Techno, Chillout, Experimental
Label  :  Hypo=espresso Records / Wakyo Japan
Released year   : 2015 ( Digital release only )

Track list :
1.   Melt 8:05
2.  Bioshifter ( feat. Puck ) 4:50 - Lyrics
3.   Nebula to Nebula ( feat. Martin Denev ) 8:03
4.   Dennis Hopper ( feat. Puck ) 4:29 - Lyrics
5.   Owl in Me 6:56
6.   Bad Ass Paradise 5:21
7.   Born Lickers 5:30
8.   D.I.V.E ( feat. MC Reason ) 6:17
9.   Feels Like Yesterday ( feat. Sophie Barker ) 7:44 - Lyrics

' Bioshifter ' is 3rd album by Japanese producer Supercozi. Harvested from 5 years of hard work and never-ending experimentation in her tiny studio in Bali, and infused with the spirit of the mystical island with it's strong Hindu / Animism culture.

The Album title ' Bioshifter ' is a neologism by her, meaning biological mutation or accreted evolutionary process .Since the album is dropped exactly 10 years later from the first album, it perfectly describes her strong desire for the transformation as an artist, and this album pins her down as one of the electronic producers from Japan in the global music scene.

As some may know, She is half of Zen Lemonade - her unit with Gus Till which focuses on the psychedelic aspects of electronic music. In contrast, she had been exploring much more eclectic, genre-bending style under her solo belt. Since her 2005 debut album ' Luxury Addict ', She fearlessly blends the elements of Techno, House, Dub, Glitch hop through Bass Music and Balearic chill together while absolutely refusing to be categorized in the narrow box of typical genres. And this new album features a huge stylistic leap.

Album opener is a lyrical Techno tune : ' Melt ' which layers of bells and delicate synth sounds gently building the emotional tension. In contrast the title track ' Bioshifter ' and ' Dennis Hopper ' are Glitchy Electronica with strong melody lines. Two cosmic chill tunes ' Nebula To Nebula' ( featuring Herbie Hancock style e-piano by Bulgarian producer Martin Denev ) and ' Feels Like Yesterday ' represents the feminine side of the album. For those who loves psychedelic down tempo groovers : ' Owl In Me ' and ' D.I.V.E ' are well crafted fusion of Bass Music and The Orb-inspired dub-tronica. Then of course ' four-on-the -floor' Tech-house tunes polish it off : ' Bad Ass Paradise ' and ' Born Lickers ' .. From Dance to Chill all in one serve.

4 of the 9 tracks feature guest vocals : Sophie Barker from Zero7 ( Feels Like Yesterday ), Dutch singer/ DJ Puck ( Bioshifter, Dennis Hopper ), and MC Reason ( D.I.V.E ) who collaborating with her since second album. By having their voices, strong melody lines are beautifully emerging from the triply soundscapes.

All songs written & produced by Supercozi
Final Mix by Gus Till
Mastering by Gregg Hermetech
Cover : photo by Agus Pande


Band Camp : https://supercozi.bandcamp.com/album/bioshifter



Title  :  Fruits From The Future

Genre : Techno , Tech-House , Chill out
Label  :  Hypo=espresso Records ( Bali ) /  Wakyo Records ( Japan )
Released year   : 2010

Track list :
1.   Snakeshed
2.   A Ride
3.   Trigger Happy Morons feat. Miquette Giraudy
4.   Fruits From The Future
5.   Do You Know Where Your Going feat. Reason
6.   Bad Butterfly
7.   Aksara feat. Minima Sheen
8.   Under The Blazing Sun feat. Reason
9.   A Ride ( Rennie Foster's Dirty Works Remix)
10. Fruits From The Future ( Ian Ion Remix )
11. Do You Know Where Your Going - Borrowed Time ( Misled Convoy Remix )

Her second full album as Supercozi. A blend of Techno with deep soundscapes and spaced out synth layers, tribally downbeat with psychedelic twists and a hint of raga-hip hop.  
Album featuring not only her voice but also special guest vocalists  - San Fran based MC Reason ( a.k.a Andreas Smith ) and Ibiza based trance diva Minima Sheen ( Chill out avatar of Michele Adamson ) - Reason adding roots flavor with his raga influenced hip-hop vocals on track 5 & 8 and Minima sheen in voodoo jazz mode on track 7 that Supercozi composed under the deep influence of ethiopian jazz . Another collaborator is  Miquette Giraudy from System7 whom had been Supercozi's inspiration of many years . They both together creates a spaced out techno frequency on " Trigger Happy Morons " .
As always, she once again freely crosses genres without getting too messy . The album maintains a core spine of deep techno grooves and strong melodies with alternative vibe throughout .
Album title track " Fruits From The Future " is a perfect example -  The puzzling words " Brother, Sister , The truth is , We need terrible Transition ... Our children could be the gate keepers "  on the top of the multi layered synth and minimal techno grooves , is her attempt to create a emotional horizon where Techno and Soul meets while keeping cool temperature.
On top of 8 original tracks, the album also features 3 Remixes: Canadian Techno maestro Rennie Foster ( Dirty Works Record ) transforms " A Ride " into a crazy jet coaster electro-Techno ride . Long time veteran & Psy-trance pioneer Ian Ion ( Saiko-Pod / Kox Box ) pumps the album to the next level with " Fruits From The Future " Remix - a mega fat progressive sound . New Zealand based dub unit Pitch Black's Micheal Hodgson selected " Do You know Where Your Going " for his remix and result is a mysterious , deep drone ambient tune that signs off the album .
All 8 original tracks are produced at her 2009 newly built " Super Cocoon " studio in Bali , with final mix by Gus Till and mastering by Ian Ion .

Photography by Kirsty Ludbrook , Album cover design by Andrew Till

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Techno.to : http://techno.to/item.php?id=D-HEDD005



Title  :  Luxury Addict

Genre : Tech-House , Electro punk house , Dub , Chill out
Label  :  Hypo=espresso Records ( Bali ) /  Wakyo Records ( Japan )
Released year   : 2005

Track list :
1.   Tokyo Exotica
2.   In My Handbag
3.   Luxury Addict
4.   Amber cats
5.   Bonnie & Clyde 2005 ( Gus Till Remix )
6.   Vanilla
7.   Junk Boots
8.   Lost In Seminyak
9.   Blue Flamingo
10. Bamboobient

First album under Supercozi belt. In contrast to Zen Lemonade's heavy, pumping gear, Cozi cultivate her own alternative field that mixed with lighter groove of Tech-House, Electro-Punk, Dark guitar dub, Asian ambient, and her long years love for kitsch cinema music. Back in Tokyo days, she was collecting many soundtrack albums from, 50's-60's French nouvelle vague, and 60's-70's American road movies, and you can hear her homage for those elements scattered around the album .
She often described this album as  " Twisted lounge techno & Midnight dub, Trip Mond Ambient " .. Indeed, it's a collection of genreless experimental electronic music with a spoonful retro flavor and psychedelic spice.
This is also first release from Hypo=espresso record , her own record label that she founded in Bali.
All tracks are produced at Gus'n Cozi's " Honey Bunny Studio " in Bali , with final mix by Gus Till.

Photography by Agus Pande , Album cover design by Yudi

Techno.to : http://techno.to/item.php?id=D-HECD001



Zen Lemonade 


Zen Lemonade is the unit of Gus Till and Supercozi that started in 2000 . They together creates Psy & Progressive Trance , Tech-House , Dub , alternative down tempo .


Title  :  Babylondon

Genre :  Downtempo , Electronica , Chill out
Label  :  Electric Soundscapes ( Greece )
Released year   : 2009

Track list :

1.   Sky Dub
2.   The Moon And A 1000 Offerings
3.   Petrushka Pt.1
4.   Verushka Pt.2
5.   Babylondon
6.   For Your Digitalize Only
7.   It Doesn't Matter ( Seques Into Upacara )
8.   Rodnet
9.   Fall back In Time ( Zen Reggae )
10. fancy Dub ( The Return Of The Regyptian )

Seven years after their debut album 'Lemon Soul' , Gus Till and Supercozi finally deliver their long awaited second album. 'Babylondon' is an album that fuses dub bass lines with jazz infused keyboards, atmospheric guitar riffs and spaced out solos, tribal percussion,exotic gamelan, smooth and silky vocals, real drums and electronic processing all in a very unique Zen Lemonade style.
10 fresh tracks that blend top end technology with tribal elements and funky guitars under dynamic drum driven rhythms, all sprinkled with a jazzy improvised touch and deep textures of clever electronica.
The album features a fine roster of guest musicians: Steve HIllage from System 7/ Gong, Geoff 'Rip Van Hippy' Hales, Simon Polinski, Joe Creighton, Rio Sidik and Tim Valkenburg, creating a unique album that fuses 70's psychedelic rock,avant-garde Jazz, breaks, techno, trip-hop and ambient and contemporary electronica .
Album cover design by Andrew Till ( Cyan / SUB / Machine )

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Read review by Morpheus Music  : http://www.tribe.net/recommendation/Zen-Lemonade-Babylondon/ca9da7c5-728e-439f-94b5-dfee6fa42963




Title  :  Lemon Soul

Genre : Psy & Progressive Trance, Chill out
Label  : Dragonfly Records ( UK )
Released year   : 2002

Track list :
1.    Super Panam Calling
2.    Juicy Science
3.    Dark Star
4.    Zodiac Guns
5.    Cloud 19
6.    Brazil Mon Amour
7.    Pussy Galore
8.    Spinning Metal
9.    Midnight Basso Nova
10.  Motherland

Gus Till and Supercozi met at the end of 1999 and started producing music together straight away. In early 2000, Cozi moved to the UK from Tokyo, where they then made demo tracks before being signed by one of the pioneering psy-trance labels Dragonfly Records.

They then spent months in Devon, in the  beautiful country side working on their album. Six of the  tracks combine the fine essence of psychedelic and early progressive trance, plus 4 freestyle/chill out tracks, all well polished with Gus's signature arrangement style, yet with a fresh injection from Cozi's musical sensibilities.

An album filled with trippy cut up samples, twisted yet cinematic soundscapes and  a hefty dose of psychedelia: Zen-Lemonade-only style! It was released in 2002 and instantly, their  landmark sound garnered critical acclaim everywhere .

Album cover design by Mark Neal

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Title  :  Super Cozy

Genre :  Break beats , Psychedelic Trance , Trip hop , Mond Lounge , Drum'n Bass , Ambient Groove
Label  :  Tender Production ( Denmark )
Released year   : 1999

Track list :
1.   Vital Walk 2012
2.   Brain Surf  
3.   Astroid Lovers ( Brain Surf 2 )
4.   Lounge #1
5.   Hybrid Jupiter
6.   Earthcore Calling
7.   Beach-Guru
8.   Space Dolphin
9.   Universe
10. Bamboo
11. Beach-Guru ( Karaoke Version )

This is her first 100% self produce / programming / mixed album before she started to use artist name " Supercozi " in 1999 . She composed and programmed everything in her tiny flat in Tokyo between 1997-1999, then recorded few over dubbing / vocal ( DJ Tsuyoshi was featured as Talking vocal on Track 2&6 , Mouth hi-hut on track 3 ) , real instruments parts at her friend owned 30th Studio in Nishiazabu / Tokyo where just 2 minutes walk away from her flat,  and final mixed by her young female friend Mako who was an assistant engineer at the studio.
She met danish indie label owner / artist Toby Towang at the legendary rave party  " Equinox 1998 " in Gifu prefecture / Japan, and he offered her to release this album in 1999. Before that originally she sent a demo to Beastie Boy's record label Grand Royal and label actually gave her a phone call that showing interest , but at the point she was already signed with Tender Production thus this collaboration didn't happen.
This was the result from many years of investment of her time and effort to learn the skill to produce music with computer, and she completed all basic tracks with Vision music soft ware, AKAI CD 3000 Sampler, Novation's Super bass station, YAMAHA Sound modules.  Also played electric piano & various synthesizers,  boss nova acoustic guitar and few percussions. Musically , tracks are so diverse from Jazzy break beats to Psy-Trance-like to Trippy Mond Lounge , Ambient groove - reflecting her wide range of listening taste and influence from 60's cinema's soundtrack  or Ninja-Tune to UK Drum'n bass or Early Psy-Trance . Sound scape are all roughly polished ( It was her best at this point ) and so does mixing, but you definitely can hear the seeds of Supercozi alternative electronica style here,  all well planted to bloom in coming years.
Album cover design by Manabu Endo ( Vamp Modern )

Last FM : http://www.last.fm/music/Cozi/Super+Cozy

Discogs : http://www.discogs.com/Super-Cozi-Cozi/release/587764