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Supercozi l Bio

Hailing from Tokyo - one of the most notorious cyber toy town in the world that oddly floating on the multi-culture-messy miso soup . Supercozi started her musical journey as a lead singer & guitarist in a punk band and spent years performing underground gigs and releasing albums in 90's .

After discovering Techno ,Trip Hop and Drum'n bass and free style electronic music , then experienced " second summer of love " rave scene of Japan in mid 90's , her life changed forever . She began teaching herself to programming music with a computer and Akai sampler and started producing her own brand of  experimental electronic music .  Around '97 she also started DJing in the clubs and parties of Tokyo .  

She moved to UK in 2000 and formed Psychedelic & Progressive Trance unit " Zen Lemonade" with Gus Till who had been the one of the main producers of early UK trance scene . Their first album " Lemon Soul " was released from Youth ( The bassist of Killing Joke and producer of many bands such as Primal Scream ,The Orb , etc ) 's legendary DragonFly Records in 2002 and instantly gained critical acclaim , and it led them to play at  festivals around the globe as a dance live act . She also released chill out MIX CD from other trance legend Flying Rhino Records in 2001 , since then she had been releasing many chill out tracks as Zen Lemonade and as Supercozi both from the world's many respected labels such as L.S.D , Interchill , Organic Records , Flow Records , etc .

As a result of this endless artistic output , she has been playing all around the globe that including big festivals such as Solstice Music Festival ( Japan ) , Samothraki Dance Festival ( Greece ) , Fusion Festival (U.S.A ), Utopia ( Portugal ) .  

After the non stop traveling , in 2002 she moved to Bali from UK - 'Island Of Gods'-  to set up new base , and In 2005 , She founded her own label " Hypo=Espresso Records ".

Since then she's been releasing tracks that freely blend the genres : Techno , Progressive, Electro, Dub, Eclectic downbeat, Ambient .. : , also she had been collaborating with many respected producers / artists / vocalists such as System7 , Ian Ion , Pitch Black , Rennie Foster , Michele Adamson , just name of few . Now so many of her tracks are available on i-tunes store , Beatport etc , reaching out to the many new listeners world wide .

She also had been hosting regular radio show on Digital Koffee Australia , 98.5 Bali FM , West Radio Greece .  

As a DJ , she is on high demand for both Dance and Chill .

Her dance set is known for it's hybrid selection - Techno , Tech-House , Progressive - All the cutting edge essence of those with powerful, wobbling bass will be seamlessly thrown into the set to keep the crowd banging .

Her chill set is also very well known for it's eclectic selection - From the most current breed of dub step , 2 step beats to psychedelic trip hop , glitch hop , funky breaks , smokey dub , spaced out ambient - Her set will take you to the deep sonic voyage that you can't help but love to dive into …

From Moscow's mega clubs and wild and massive outdoor festivals at Mount Fuji Japan, exclusive clubs in Mumbai, chill-out stages in the sensual forests of Greece to the breezy decks of the beach parties in Bali .. Dance or Chill , Stimulation is guaranteed . Her sets are always be able to rock the dance floor, or stirring the air unexpectedly with her signature genre-crossing mix styles full of surprises …

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